Will, when Huck gave me this CD full of pictures (DAMN THERES ALOT OF PICS), I really didn’t know what to do with it?? It covers several years of riding here in Northern Japan. I was faced with 2 options, first one was to go back and redo the image section and that didn’t really work out at all!! So I started looking for a second idea, I played around with Flash, like Matt & I did for the intro to the web site, anyways No Joy, this is way too much work and a month has gone by trying to get it right. So it hit me, I have a lot of video software, why not build another video slide show, but better then the first one I did a couple of years ago. Well, after a couple of tries anyway and a good bottle of sochu, I got it right.

Huck, this is what I used some of your pictures for!!

This video is a snapshot of the fellowship, brotherhood, and camaraderie we experience during a typical ride through the Japanese country side.   

Enjoy the ride!!

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it, 'Cause I've got no reason to lie
Forget your problems that don't even exist, And I'll show you a way to ride, oh yeah!!

So come alive, you know you're magic to me, Remember freedom is not hard to find
Time to stop all your messing around, Don't you think that I know your own mind,
oh yeah!!