Gnat started riding with us several years ago, some of the greats rides were on roads never marked on maps. Always looking for a new road, Gnat would head down a path that looked interesting to say the least; afterwards he would send out a ride report telling of his/our adventure.  That GPS of his would sometimes spit out info that we all would raise an eye brow at.

Gnats Ride Reports, just click on one to start reading.

Anmon Falls Ride Report

Dragon Wave Rally Report

Dragon Wave Report 1

Dragon Wave Report 2

Iwate 281 Ride Report, Part 1 of 3

Iwate 281 Ride Report, Part 2 of 3

Iwate 281 Ride Report, Part 3 of 3

KCMC Ride Report for 24 Mar 07

Red Hot Rally - It rained in Hell

Ret Hot Ride report

Ride Report for 31 March 07

Ride Report Kuji Run 26 May 2007

Snow Moneky Ride Report

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