First Time JCI

Now that you have your bike emission tested, you’re ready to do your JCI inspection. Go down to a local insurance company and purchase the JCI policy which will cost you approximately 19,620 (Yen) and liability insurance (this price will be determined by your age, rank and size of the bike).

Now take your JCI policy and liability insurance to Security Forces and fill out their paper. They will issue you the base registering form. Take all this paper down to the local Land Transportation Office (DMV back home). Remember to bring your Emission Test Certificate (if your bike was built after April 2001), Manufacturer’s Brake Certificate, four pictures of your bike (front, right side, left side and rear) and the owner’s manual for your specific model bike.

Once there, they will check to make sure all your paper work is authentic and then issue you the date and time for your motorcycle inspection. The authentication of all your paper work will take about one week, you can only drop off all your paper work at 4:30 pm, thy will call you to inform you of the day and time of your inspection. The Inspection will can take all day so be prepared.

Things you need to do to the bike before the JCI inspection:


The day of your bike inspection, go down to the local city office and get a temporary permit.  It’s good for a couple of days and the permit states exactly where you are going.  So it isn’t like you could cruise the countryside just for fun.  It’s 750 yen ($7.50) for the plate.  It’s a very large plate for a car that you have to literally tie to the bike.

The paperwork you need to bring is:


Price of Inspection & Fees:


Your JCI is good for 2 years before you have to renew it!!




You can have a local dealer to do the JCI for you, but they will charge between 50,000 yen ~ 70,000 yen! Yes that’s between 500 dollar & 700 dollars